Swing Through Swing

Swing through Spring virtual classes, virtual performances and virtual vignettes are free to the public. Swing Through Spring is targeting senior citizens and their caregivers, in celebration of Older Americans Month, however all age groups are invited to experience the Virtual Concert premiere . Swing Through Spring does not discriminate relative to race , ethnicity, gender, age, religious practices and beliefs, sexual orientation, or disabilities. Swing Through Spring is an all inclusive project that is free of charge. The virtual concert will be open to the public and accessible via YouTube, and zoom. The virtual concert premiere will require an internet connection. Zoom and The Like to Live YouTube channel connect our audience to the Virtual concert premiere by way of a computer, laptop, tablet, or mobile device. The YouTube native dashboard will collect analytic data. YouTube's native dashboard will assist our understanding of the number of audience members, class participants and demographic information regarding Swing Through Spring. Swing Through Spring strives to encompass artistic merit and raise awareness about Older Americans Month by ensuring an accessible and enjoyable experience for people of all ages within the Fulton County Community.

Swing Through Spring was sponsored by Fulton County Arts and Culture and The Fulton County Board of Commissioners

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